Thank you! all the people that supported and inspired me in writing the Multiscreen UX Design book

Writing a book is a big challenge. Thankfully I got a lot of help during this project. Many thanks to my employer Michael Dengler at SETU for supporting the Multiscreen project and the book(s) since a long time. Thank you to Jens Franke, Kevin Albrecht, Andreas Croonenbroeck, and Pascal Raabe for their very helpful feedback. Thanks also to my professors Steffen Süpple and Ulrich Schendzielorz at the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Thank you Christian Solmecke for your advices and straightforward support concerning legal issues. And of course thank you to Morgan Kaufmann for being our publisher, especially Charlie Kent, Todd Green, and Punithavathy Govindaradjane. Thank you very much to Scott Jenson for the preface. I’m absolutely honored that he contributed some thoughts to this book. Thank you to my former fellow student Valentin Fischer for the smartly drawn illustrations, the contribution as co-author to the German book and our constructive and critical discussions. It has been inspiring to work with you on the project!

Thanks also to Barbara Ballard, Cennydd Bowles, Josh Clark, Sebastian Deterding, Rod Farmer, Brad Frost, Bertram Gugel, Marc Hassenzahl, Stephen Hay, Rachel Hinman, Karen McGrane, Avi Itzkovitch, Serge Jespers, Michal Levin, Ethan Marcotte, Stephanie Rieger, Dan Saffer, Johannes Schardt, Rasmus Skjoldan, Christoph Stoll, Gabriel White, and other colleagues for inspiring personal conversations, feedback, their talks, presentations, articles, reports, commentaries, or books. There is a more detailed compilation of people, important sources of ideas and frequently cited authors on a separate page in the appendix of the book where they are briefly introduced...

I would also like to thank all the other persons who supported me with their constructive criticism, their comments and ideas during the writing of the book and furthermore contributed to the Multiscreen Experience Project. Your support and inspiration helped me to write this book in this form.

Finally, special and deep thanks goes to my family. Thank you to my wife and my son for your understanding. Your loving patience and endless support made this book possible!


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